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Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Kalinich Fence products are especially useful in farm and other agricultural settings

Split Rail Fencing for Livestock Containment

Farm Fence

The rustic feel of Kalinich split rail fence makes it an ideal choice as farm fence. Our fence blends naturally into its surroundings, making it both attractive to the eye and friendly to the environment. And, because it uses less wood than other styles of fencing, split rail fence is an economical way to cover large areas of land while providing a safe way to contain certain livestock or demarcate planting areas. To add additional safety, a mesh can be added to the back of the fence to keep small animals away from horses or crops.

Farmland Water Supply

Farmland water supply can be enhanced using strategically placed Kalinich snow fence during the winter months. Nearly 75% of annual surface runoff to most water storage reservoirs is generated from spring snowmelt. By effectively trapping snow and accumulating snowdrifts from even a single snowstorm, a properly installed snow fence can substantially improve water retention and increase the water supply from storage reservoirs.

Snow fence for Springtime reservoirs

Other common agricultural applications:

Corn cribbing and silage: The flexibility of Kalinich snow fence makes it an easy and inexpensive material for corn cribbing and storage of other silage.

Shade fence: Our snow fence can be shaped and suspended easily to create shaded areas for livestock.

Horse Corrals: Kalinich split rail fence is a natural and low maintenance treatment for creating horse corrals and other forms of livestock containment.

Chicken Coup Benching: Kalinich snow fence can be used as a low cost benching material for the poultry industry.

Snow fence composting, compost pile


  • Containment of livestock
  • Farmland water supply creation (accumulation of snow drifts)
  • Corn Cribbing
  • Silage
  • Shade fence for cattle
  • Compost Piles
  • Chicken Coop Benching
  • Horse Corrals

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