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Wood Lath

Wood Lath on pallets Kalinich wood lath is an all-purpose product found in a number of different settings. As a building material base, our wood lath is used to create the substructure for slate or tiles, and for plaster walls and ceilings. The aluminum and vinyl siding industry uses lath for furring strips, while the lumber industry uses it as sticking for treated and air-dried lumber. Kalinich lath is used extensively at greenhouses and nurseries as framing for rolled vinyl insulation. And the low cost of lath makes it an economical alternative for a host of other uses, from surveyor stakes to crating.


  • Building material base
  • Furring strips for aluminum and vinyl siding installation
  • Sticking for treated and air-dried lumber
  • Framing for rolled vinyl in greenhouses
  • Framing for window insulation
  • Surveyor stakes
  • Constructions for shipping crates


Our Aspen lath (3/8” x 1 ½” x 48”) is available in No.1, Mill Run and No.3 grades, and is sold in 50 piece bundles.

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