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There are very few times when a company can be family-owned and oriented, mature and stable, and the largest manufacturer in its field. Kalinich Fence Company fits all three descriptions. The nation’s oldest snow fence manufacturer in terms of continuous operation is now in its third generation of ownership, all with the name of Mike Kalinich.

The company’s founder was born in Russia in 1879 and migrated to the United States in 1905. He set up shop in Cleveland, Ohio, where his first hand-powered snow fence weaving machine went into operation that same year. It had a daily capacity of 1000 feet which was equivalent to 20 rolls of fence.

Besides snow fence, “Grampa” Kalinich also installed and repaired wood and ornamental iron fencing. From back yard fencing to school yard play grounds and across the highways, Kalinich Fence began to leave its mark on the landscapes of Cleveland and the State of Ohio.

In 1930, the second generation of “Mikes” was born. Starting at an early age working alongside his dad, young Mike learned the fence trade and worked to improve upon the family business. After returning from the Korean War in 1954, son Mike was ready to assume the reigns of the company leadership from his dad.

Mike saw great potential in the snow fence business and put all of his efforts into improving it. By semi-automating the snow fence machine, he was able to increase the daily production output to 5000 feet per day, or one hundred 50-foot rolls of fence.

In 1955, the third generation of “Mikes” was introduced to the fence world. With a young family and a new business plan, Mike, Sr. moved Kalinich Fence in 1956 from the big city of Cleveland to the rural town of Strongsville some 20 miles away. Mike felt that accessibility was the key to his growth plan, and Strongsville held that opportunity, with the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, the Ohio Turnpike and State Route 42 all converging in that small village. Kalinich Fence now could manufacture snow fence and ship around the nation from its new home. The spectacular growth that followed proved Mike’s visionary business plan to be right on target.

After graduating from college in 1977, the third generation of “Mikes” joined his father full time in the business. Through continued improvement and innovative equipment enhancements, the Strongsville facility now produced 35,000 feet, or 700 rolls, of fence daily. Kalinich snow fence soon was found world –wide, from the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to Florida’s Gulf Coast. And working together, Mike, Sr. and Michael, Jr. charted new directions for the company, branching out into other facets of the fence industry.

Today, Kalinich Fence has grown to 3 locations, with the home base of operations still in Strongsville, and newer plants in Newberry, Michigan and Humble, Texas. In addition to manufacturing snow and natural sand fence, Kalinich now manufactures and supplies a complete line of wood picket, privacy and split rail fencing, lawn and garden fencing distributed through Greenes Fence, and fabricates vinyl fencing in partnership with Kroy Building Products.

Grampa Kalinich passed away in 1978 at the age of 99. Mike, Sr., his wife, Erma and Michael, Jr. still work side-by-side everyday overseeing the family business. The fourth generation of “Mikes” was born in 1984 and is currently attending Kent State University. He has two brothers Clinton, 17, and Daniel, 15. With a great foundation and a little luck, Kalinich Fence will continue into its fourth generation of manufacturing quality fence products.
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