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Specifications: Snow Fence and Post

Snow Fence

DESCRIPTION: Snow fencing shall consist of wood slats woven together with five 2-wire strands of galvanized wire.

MATERIALS: Slats shall be made of No. 1 aspen or spruce measuring three-eights inches (3/8”) thick, one and one-half (1 ½”) inches wide and forty-eight (48”) inches high. The permissible variation in width shall not exceed one-sixteenth (1/16”) inch and one-quarter (1/4”) inch in length. Thickness shall be a minimum of three-eights (3/8”) inches thick but shall not exceed nine-sixteenths (9/16”) inches thick. Both ends shall be cut square. The slats shall be painted with a good quality of red iron oxide stain.

The base metal of the wire shall be of a good commercial quality of steel. The galvanized wire shall not be less than thirteen (13) steel wire gauge. The weight of the coating shall not be less three-tenths (0.3) ounce per square foot of uncoated wire surface, determined in accordance with AASCO Designation T65 (Class I). Weight of Coating on Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Iron on Steel Articles. The zinc coating shall adhere to the wire, without flaking and without being removable by rubbing with bare fingers, when the wire is bent completely around a pin of the same diameter as that of the wire.

FABRICATION: The slats shall be spaced two and one-quarter (2 ¼”) inches apart plus or minus ¼”, and there shall be not less than two (2) three hundred and sixty (360) degree twists of the wire in the weave between the slats. The fabric must be tightly woven so that the wire is forced into the wood slats sufficiently to hold them tightly. The strands of wire shall be spaced ten (10) inches apart and four (4) inches from the ends of the slat. The fence shall be stretched after weaving and before being placed in rolls.

DELIVERY: The fencing shall be furnished in rolls of fifty (50) or one hundred (100) feet in length as ordered.

Snow Fence Posts

POST: The post for erecting the snow fencing shall be made of hot rolled rail steel and formed into a “T”. Dimensions of “T” post section, approximately 1 7/16” X 1 5/16” x 1/8” x 6’ (six feet) long. Weight of post section without anchor is 1.25 pounds per foot. Area of anchor plates 23 square inches. The post shall be painted green or galvinized.

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