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Snow Fencing
(Fence Product Guide March 2002)

    Snow fencing controls drifting snow during winter months. This type of fence has long been used in colder climates to help keep roads and airports open. While it was designed to contain snowdrifts, consumers continue to find new uses for this style of fence in a variety of applications.

    Traditionally, snow fencing has served to prevent snow from drifting onto highways and airport runways. Snowdrifts can pose quite a threat to drivers, and snow removal can be very expensive and inefficient. Airlines cannot operate safely when runways are covered by snow. By installing these fences along roads and runways, travel flows much more smoothly and safely.

    According to Michael Kalinich, Vice President of Kalinich Fence Company, in Strongsville, OH, most snow fences are constructed of wooden pickets and galvanized type wire. New technology has also created removable plastic fencing that successfully contains snow. Both wood picket and wire and plastic snow fences are generally temporary structures installed each winter. Many federal, state and local governments purchase these types of fences; they also have use in the agricultural and retail sectors when snowdrifts present a problem.

    Kalinich states that “because of more sophisticated snow removal techniques, snow fencing is not as widely used as it was 20 or 30 years ago.” Rather than being limited to snow control, snow fencing, also know as utility fencing, has branched out to a variety of different applications. Utility fencing is also used for storing ears of corn and shading plants at nurseries. Many areas, including Texas and states along the Eastern seaboard, use this style of fencing for beach erosion and sand control. Utility fencing also helps with crowd control at big events and serves as a boundary around construction sites. Whether to contain snowdrifts or to control beach erosion, the style of barrier known as snow fencing remains useful in many applications.

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