Split Rail Fence Distributors

The Kalinich Fence Company is a distributor of 3-rail split rail fence and 2-rail split rail fence in Northeast Ohio. Available in both pine and western red cedar, split rail fence provides an inexpensive solution for boundary demarcation and certain livestock containment including horse corrals. It is also commonly used as a “rustic” decorative application in both commercial and residential settings. Often referred to as landscape fencing, split rail fence is a low or no maintenance alternative to chain link fence that provides a natural and economical landscape treatment. Available in 2-Rail and 3-Rail profiles, Kalinich split rail fence also can be used for perimeter fencing in ranch and range areas, along golf cart paths that wind through the fairways, or as a border fence anywhere that a subtle barrier in desired to enhance the look of your property.



Our split rail components are available in two varieties, pressure treated and cedar. We carry 6’ 2-hole and 7’ 3-hole profiles, each featuring jumbo 11’ treated rails. Wire mesh fabric can be added to guarantee the safety of children and pets. Surprisingly economical in price, Kalinich split rail fence will give you years of maintenance free service. Split rail is the “no bother” fence. Just install it and forget it. The grace of age will turn it an attractive silver gray color.
Split Rail Fence 1
Split Rail Fence 2