Alternative Uses for Snow/Sand Fence

Not limited to snow control, Kalinich snow fencing is also used as utility fence in a variety of different applications and settings that include:

Crowd Control

Snow fence provides an effective and inexpensive solution for crowd control at major events. In fact, Kalinich snow fence was used to keep the crowd at a safe distance at Snake River Canyon when Evel Kneivel attempted his famous motorcycle jump over the gorge. And, because of its flexibility, it can be both easily erected and quickly removed from large areas.

Construction Site Fencing

This versatile fence can be used to prevent unwanted encroachment around the perimeter of the site.

Temporary Barrier Fencing

Snow fence provides an effective temporary barrier around land parcels, retention basins and ski trails to name only a few.

Dog Fencing

Utility fence is a low cost solution for dog fence and dog runs.

Garden Fencing

Kalinich natural snow fencing is used for sun and wind shade, benching and drainage in garden centers and nurseries across America.

Golf Course Maintenance

Golf courses frequently use utility fence during the winter months to protect the environment from snowmobiles and during the summer months to block off greens or other areas that are under repair.