Manufacturer & Distributor of quality fence products

Kalinich Fence is the largest manufacturer of Snow/Sand fences. Kalinich Fence also distributes Split Rail Fence, Wood Lath and many other wood products used in residential, commercial and industrial

A leading manufacturer in the industry, Kalinich Fence has been producing traditional wood slat snow fences for over 100 years.

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Snow Fence

Constructed from aspen and spruce wood lath and woven together with 13-gauge galvanized wire, our snow fence withstands the elements.
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Sand Fence

Sold in 50’ rolls, sand fence is left “natural,” to blend into the surrounding landscape without paint, stain or other preservatives which is environmentally friendly.
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Alternative Uses for Snow/Sand Fence

Our snow fence has a variety of other uses, from crowd control and garden fence to barrier demarcation and more.
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Wood Lath

Kalinich lath is widely used as a material base or for furring by the building trades, as sticking in the lumber industry, and by greenhouse and nursery operations as framing for vinyl insulation.
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Split Rail Fence

Often referred to as landscape fencing, split rail fence is a low or no maintenance alternative to chain link fence.
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Farm Fence

Kalinich Fence Products are especially useful in farm and agricultural settings.   


Kalinich Fence Company

Manufacturing quality fence products since 1905, the Kalinich Fence Company is located in Strongsville, Ohio (a Cleveland Suburb) and has been a Member of the American Fence Association since 1974. Kalinich Fence manufactures fence products that are used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. While Kalinich Fence is the largest manufacturer of snow/sand fences in the United States, Kalinich Fence also makes and distributes an array of quality fence and related wood products.